11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 – Exam Guide – Tips – Tricks

11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 – Exam Guide – Tips – Tricks

11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 - Exam Guide - Tips - Tricks

11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 – Exam Guide – Tips – Tricks – We represent all Grammar Schools in the Trafford, Manchester and surrounding areas and hold different exams specific to the format of each school. We do a CEM,(audio instruction) exam which is identical in subject matter and format to the official Altrincham Girls Exam. All children who have followed our process over the past 7 years have gained entry into a school of their choice. I hope the following information will be helpful to you.

Exam and Revision guidance

We understand that this can be a very stressful time for both parents and children. We provide more than just Mock Exams.

We like to offer all of our clients a Personal Service, which includes

  • Mock exams that mirror the official exams in subject matter, format, administration, and marking process
  • 11 plus one –one tuition
  • 11 plus Summer School
  • Exam familiarisation – one-one sessions on exam format and technique
  • Thorough marking process –  your report will include both individual and group Raw and Standardised score
  • Specific in-depth analysis of your child’s exam to establish accurate areas of weakness
  • Holiday Revision Packages tailored to suit your childs needs
  • Useful advice and instruction throughout  the summer leading up to the exams
  • Specialised 11+ Personally devised revision programme packages – to include tutoring and mock exams
  • 96% pass rate
  • Seven years of grammar success

The CEM Exam

Altrincham Girls Grammar School, Sale, Stretford and Urmston Grammar Schools (the Consortium)will do a CEM exam

The CEM Exam we do is the same in format and subject area as the official CEM exam. It  consists of two 50 minute papers with a 15 minute break in between . The subject areas are mixed in each paper .

  1. numerical reasoning is split into two sections – one in each paper

amounting to 51-62 questions in total .

  1. Verbal reasoning is split in 5 sections consisting of 2 short comprehensions ,( shuffled sentences or multiple meanings of odd one out)antonyms, synonyms and cloze – amounting to 83-97 questions in total.
  2. Non.Vr – one or two sections – total 19-38 questions.

So 8-10 sections in total split over the two papers

There are time limits on each subsection which is managed by an audio recording advising the children when to start and stop .

Each of the 3 areas is worth one third ( 141 standardised) of the total marks .  Therefore the non vr questions are very important .

The total mark achievable is 423. The pass mark for alty girls sale and Stretford is 334 ( around 79 percent) in catchment and 353  out of catchment . Urmston is 353.

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys  will set a GL Exam which is entirely different to the CEM .

We also do this exam in the same format and subject material.

The GL Exam consists of 3 papers.

Non VR – 2 sections of 20 questions in 20 minutes then

VR – 80-85 questions on 50 mins


Maths – 50 questions in 50 minutes

They also have to do a 20 minute creative writing bit at the end which is not marked unless the child fails to reach the required pass mark within 13 marks under .

St Ambrose

GL assessment English comprehension -45 minutes and

Verbal Reasoning- 50 minutes

Arithmetic – 30 minutes set by school


GL assessment English – 45 minutes and Verbal Reasoning 50 minutes

Maths 45 minutes  – set by the school

Both GL and CEM exams can be extremely difficult to complete during the time allocated if your child has not seen or practiced an exam paper before. Knowledge of how to use the answer sheet in both exams is vital.  The text is very small and the way the boxes are set out on the answer paper are very confusing. Especially with the CEM, the answer sheet is as complex as the subject matter

School work or tutoring alone does not prepare children for an exam experience.   We know that  around half of the children who sit the entrance exams do not gain the required pass mark because of issues with nerves or timing  – regardless of the tutoring they have received or their natural academic ability. The mere fact that a child has not familiarised themselves with the format of the exam paper will cost them around 50 per cent of their time in the exam, and will almost certainly lead to failure.

11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 – Exam Guide – Tips – Tricks

Every child had different and varied revision requirements but the feedback we have received tells us that Mock Exams are vital in the revision process.

Over the years we have managed to establish a method of assessment that will ensure the correct revision and practice is carried out by children in order to give them the best chance possible during the official exam.

96 percent of children who work with us, and follow a personal devised study programme, have gained entry to the grammar school of their choice.

This is our 6th year in doing these exams with children.  Our aim is to provide you with the best advice and service possible to ensure you children gain entry to the school of their choice.

This does not necessarily mean hours of revision or tutoring and constant mock exams.  It is a simple formula designed to accurately establish, and work on, your child’s weaknesses in the specific subject areas, and addressing nerve and timing issues.  A plan can be devised to suit each child’s needs. If your child has not seen CEM or GL practice exam question and answer sheets, we can arrange a familiarisation session (to cover all exam types) prior to the exam.

We believe this year will be the toughest so far for the children.  The formation of the consortium (i.e. AGGS, Sale, Stretford and Urmston) means that some children only have one chance and cannot afford to have a ‘bad day’

After your child has taken a mock exam with us we will prepare a lengthy report.  The report contains your Childs results, which include the raw and standardised score, the group average and any comments relating to your child’s performance during the exam.

From the questions your child answered incorrectly we can deduce and  provide accurate advice, including constructive comments on the specific areas we believe your child will benefit from by doing further revision

Your report will provide you with a general idea of how your child will fair against other children who will be sitting the official exams.  Grammar Success will hold 28 exams (please see our website for specific dates ) prior to the official exams in 2016.

We also intend to hold some smaller group exams on Saturdays and Sundays when the children return to school, one week before each official exam.

At the end of the summer, we expect over 1200 children to have completed mock exams with us.

As we progress throughout the summer we will provide mock exam results (raw, average and standardised) taking account of the increasing number of students who sit the mock exams.

11 Plus Grammar School Mock Exams 2017 – Exam Guide – Tips – Tricks

This will provide an excellent indication of how your children will perform in the official exam.

General itinerary for our mock exams

Venue –        Altrincham Town Hall

Market Street


WA14 1PG

Drop off Time – 09.45 – 09.55am –  Please bring your children to the reception area of the venue where you will be asked to sign them in and leave them with one of our invigilators.

The children will then be shown to their designated room and desk and the exam will commence at 10am.

**Please note that, whilst we understand there are inevitable delays with any event, we cannot accept any children who arrive later than 10.55.  This is in keeping with the strict rules that will apply when they take the actual exams in September.

The following guidelines are implemented to allow the children to experience an official exam environment.

In accordance with official exam rules, parents are not encouraged to accompany their children beyond the reception entrance.

Dress – Casual comfortable clothing (i.e. non school uniform) we understand that during most official  grammar school exams,  school uniform is compulsory.

Stationery  – Children should bring 2 pencils, 1 ruler,(not permitted for CEM) eraser and a pencil sharpener, all contained within a transparent pencil case clearly marked with their name. Please do not panic if you have forgotten something – we will supply items where necessary

Refreshments – The children will have a 15 minute break during their exam (GL and CEM). We recommend they bring a drink – in a water bottle or disposable plastic bottle or carton. (clearly named)  Energy snacks (such as fruit or energy bars) are also recommended.  In our experience children will bring a named lunch bag or box with preferred contents within. The children cannot drink or eat during the exam.

Collection Time – CEM -Parents should arrive at 12.30 pm to collect the children.

GL –   Parents should arrive at 12.45 pm to collect the children

Rules During the Exam – (which will be explained clearly prior to the commencement of the paper)

In keeping with the official exam rules, when all are settled within the classroom, we will advise them of the rules and provide reassurance.

  • Any queries regarding specific exam questions are not permitted.
  • Questions in relation to misunderstood verbal or written instructions can be explained by an invigilator.
  • If your children require a toilet or drink break during the exam, they should raise their hand and an invigilator will quietly escort them from the classroom to attend to their needs.
  • If you child feels ill or unable to continue with the exam, they are advised to raise their hand and will be taken from the classroom to resolve the issue.  If the issue is simply that of a “nervous moment”,    we will reassure them and ask them if they feel that they can return to the exam environment without discomfort.  If not, we will then inform you.
  • Digital watches are not permitted.  Analogue watches may be worn but not advised as children tend to spend more time than necessary checking the time.  There will be clocks within the exam room, clearly visible to all children .

We hope the above answers any questions you may have.

Please contact us if there is anything you would like us to clarify, or if you would like to enquire further about our other services.

Best regards

Angela Saxton-Martin

Director and Exam Organiser

Grammar Success

Tel – 07798 651 629

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