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11 Plus Tutor | 11 + Tuition | Trafford | Tutoring

Why a tutor may help with your successful grammar school entry? 

In order for us to ensure our students success rate in gaining entry to a grammar school, we will tutor them specifically to pass the 11 plus. The available advice given by other tutoring services as with many schools and their related boards is still very limited. Some schools even state that preparation for the 11 plus tests is completely unnecessary, with this information many parents have no choice but to accept this advice, we understand that this given advice is not sufficient in most situations. The information that is given out primarily in the areas where the tests consist of only verbal or non-verbal reasoning, some schools, boards and tutors may inform you that these areas are made to test out pupils natural initiative and isn’t possible to teach.

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11 Plus Tutor | 11 + Tuition | Trafford | TutoringHowever from our knowledge and experience we believe that this information is incorrect and furthermore to our own experience a study was carried out in Northern Ireland by Brendan P. Bunting & Eugene Mooney in 2004 actually presented to us that support given by the correct tutors can increase successful results in the 11 plus grammar school entrance examinations. As part of this test many students were subjected to some thorough tests, with some given prior tuition. With just 3 hours of additional help from a tutor this did actually show to have an increased effect on success rate, this then became even furthermore effective after just nine months of the supportive tutoring.

It may be true that Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning are here to assess the students instinctive capability, however from the study mentioned above, it does prove that further tutoring with these students has shown to have  a positive effect on the final outcome of the examination.

What tutoring also manages to provide is an increased familiarity with the type of questions that they will be asked therefor this allows the child to practice the specific techniques required to solve them. Much in the same way as doing any sort of task it just becomes easier the more regularly you do it.

Our tutors will enable our students with this familiarisation as well as equipping them with the knowledge of being able to understand and formulate a correct answer with various tips and tricks added to there own academic capabilities.

The 11 plus tests also consists of maths & English examinations, for the aspect of tutoring this really is built on the quality of students current and past education, this ability will also depend on their current level of attainment. It depends on whether or not they are being given the correct material by their education source which are similar to those set in the real 11 plus entrance exams.

Here we have an example – a typical 11 plus English task is to write an essay in a very short period of time, such as half an hour, with 5 minutes allowed prior for planning the essay. Many children of 9 or 10 years of age will not have not yet mastered the correct process of being able to produce a well balanced and polished essay. What we have found is students tend to write a lot at the beginning of their essay, then they spend a little more in middle and then a short ending to the essay.

This is just one example of having the correct tutoring can be valuable not only for the 11 plus exams, but for your child’s future success in education.

11 Plus Tutor | 11 + Tuition | Trafford | Tutoring

Although it is possible to equip your own child so that they are ready for the 11 plus entrance exam, with some invested time spent on doing work and research. There are lots of websites on the internet that can provide advice on how way of doing this, however in our experience many parents have chosen to use our 11 plus tutoring service so that they have full use a professional tutor instead. There are some reasons why many parents are using our service, some are simply too busy to commit the appropriate time to successfully tutor their own child into grammar school, other parents feel that they do not have the approach to undertake the tuition effectively and then some others prefer that if it was done by a third party, as their child will respond much better to a good tutor equipped with correct approach.

Most parents feel that their child will respond to their parents as well to a parent coaching them and the only outcome could end family strife! Regular tutoring sessions or a holiday tuition course both of which we provide can help to motivate a child, provide a clear structure to the process and aid to reduce the stresses and strains between parent and child.

With a Grammar Success tutor preparing them for the tests, your child should approach the 11 plus with increased confidence. We are 11 Plus Tutor | 11 + Tuition | Trafford | Grammar School Tutoring

If you decide to employ one of our professional 11 plus tutors, we aim to guide you through the process of finding and choosing the right tutor for your child, and ensure that you get value for money from what can be a considerable expense for many parents.

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11 Plus Tutor | 11 + Tuition | Trafford | Tutoring

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