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Trafford Manchester 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams

11 Plus Entrance Exams Trafford



0161 942 9733


✓ 2019 – Professional 11 Plus Advice   


✓ 2019 – 11 Plus Tuition 


✓ Mock Exams DATES TBA!


  ✓ Exam Papers     ✓ Appeals    


✓ Summer Schools DATES TBA!


What Grammar Success Can Do For You…

Helping you with professional support for the successful entry to your child’s preferred Grammar School, we have a long history of operating within the Trafford area of Greater Manchester. We focus on any of the weak areas our students may need help with and we are able to deliver vast improvement in many cases. Grammar Success is a constructive educational service offering deep analysis and a proactive approach to maximizing success

We are currently specialising in Altrincham Girls Grammar School Trafford, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Trafford, Loreto Grammar School Trafford, Sale Grammar School, Urmston Grammar School, Stretford Grammar School & St Ambrose College. The GL and CEM exams we provide are compatible with independent grammar schools of Greater Manchester. The high standard of professional services offered by Grammar Success will give your child the best possible chance of success

What Does Grammar Success Do?

✓ Professional 11 Plus Advice 2017

✓ Specific Grammar School Entrance Tuition

✓ We Can Help Year 4 & Year 5 Children

✓ Mock Exams Identical To The Real Grammar School Format

✓ Appeals To Grammar School Entrance Decisions

✓ We, Will, Provide Your Results To Both Raw & Standardised

✓ Grammar School Papers Suited To Individual Grammar Schools

Including English, Verbal, Non-Verbal & Maths questions (covering GL style and CEM style questions/papers)

✓ Fully Qualified Teachers

✓ Individual Analysis Of Your Child’s Exam

In which we identify any problem areas

✓ Post Exam Action

✓ 7 Years of Experience

 ✓ 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams Trafford

✓ 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams Manchester

Trafford Manchester 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams

11 Plus Entrance Exams Trafford

How Does Grammar Success Work For Children?

If you are unsure and would like some help on obtaining the best possible 11 plus grammar school entrance results then Grammar Success are here, so that you can be perfectly assured that your child will get best possible chance in gaining a successful entry into a grammar school from any of the grammar schools in either the Trafford or Manchester area. We will assess the child and then evaluate what needs to be done, we can then help you by providing advice and offering extra support through one of our 11+ tutors who specialise in 11 plus tuition and can be dedicated to your child, during this process we can assess the child’s performance and offer support in the weaker areas. Through deep analysis and good interaction skill, we have helped many parents get their children into various grammar schools in the Trafford and Greater Manchester area

If you know exactly what you need for your child then you can contact us to ask us for some help through 11 tuition or mock exams, the Grammar Success 11 mock entrance exams offer your child the chance to sit in a realistic situation around other competing students and we are always using the most up to date 2017 exam criteria. After we have marked each exam we will then set a date usually the following week to go over the exam and this will be a personalised service specific to your child’s needs



After a Grammar Success exam

We will then give the children their exam question and answer papers in order for them to allow them to discuss and ask any questions they are unsure of

Our mock exams each year we run will help with the 11 plus entrance exams to assist both Year 4 and year 5 children to prepare them for their Grammar School entrance exams in either the Trafford or Greater Manchester area 

11 Plus Entrance Exams Trafford

How We Work

We have seven years of experience and we are experts in the preparation of your 11 plus exams. The marking system we use is not an exact science but we can compare your child’s results with other children taking their exams. Comparing this with other children it will make reasonable predictions about their chances of success in the final grammar school entrance exam. We always adhere to the highest professional standards and our exam papers will challenge your child without causing any undue trepidation during the lead up to the official examination.

Practice entrance examinations take place on Saturdays throughout Easter, Whitsun and Summer school holidays.
11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams Trafford Manchester

We offer separate CEM (audio-recorded) GL style exams, Loreto & St Ambrose

Loreto & St Ambrose

CEM (audio-recorded) GL style exams

GL assessment

11 plus manchester 11 + trafford tutor tuition tutoring services cheshire gl assessment

GL Assessment style examinations are suitable for those Year 5 students planning to sit for Altrincham Girls Grammar School, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, Loreto Grammar School, Sale Grammar, Urmston Grammar, Stretford Grammar & St Ambrose College. We also specialise in the Independent School examination of Cheshire & Greater Manchester. These examinations will vary and we advise you in respect of the individual schools.

CEM examination

cem-examinationCEM-style examinations are suitable for those Year 5 students intending to sit for Sale Grammar School and Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. These will consist of two 45-minute papers that cover a combination of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. 


Please note that there is a possibility that some Grammar Schools may announce a change of format from GL Assessment to CEM format.  If this occurs we will advise you.

Contact https://grammar-success.org/ we are here to help your children pass individual Grammar School examinations. Please do not delay booking as exam places are limited. Grammar Success – Trafford Manchester 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams


0161 942 9722


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Email | help@grammar-success.org


TO BOOK A MOCK EXAM CLICK HEREhow to book a mock 11 plus grammar school entrance exam trafford

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Trafford Manchester 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams



31 comments on “11 Plus Entrance Exams Trafford”

  1. Mr Hussain Reply

    Thank you for all of your help with my appeal Anglela you have been vital in helping us through to appeal

    • James Allen Reply

      I am glad we were able to gain entrance into Altrincham Grammar School Boys for your son, James

    • James Allen Reply

      Yes, we offer tuition for specific grammar school entrance in the Trafford & Manchester area

  2. Gerald Reply

    Many thanks Angela for the telephone advice on the 11 plus entrance exams and the tips and trick are invaluable , we have just booked a mock exam, once Josh has done one of these we can see how that goes before we decide on the 11 plus tuition with one of your tutors

    • elevenplus Reply

      Thank you, we have received your booking. We can take a look at how Josh handles his first exam and then we can see what needs to be done, regards Angela

  3. Christine Reply

    You have been most helpful Angela, I can’t wait for the tuition sessions to start, many thanks

  4. elevenplus Reply

    We are running more mock exams which is the best in equipping your child for the real exam situation, the new dates are to be added to the website in the next 48 hours. Angela can look into the weak areas once we have the initial results. Angela can help you out with this – 07798 651629

  5. Vee Reply

    How long after the mock tests have been taken do you send out the full breakdown of scores (raw & standardised) ? Thanks

  6. george Reply

    I am planning to prepare my son for grammar school exam I am looking to get some support & help , what should I do who should I contact , we have booked the exam for altincham boys & Saint Ambrose school

  7. Jonathon Reply

    I have two days booked for 9th and 16th August.I believe I stated Altrincham Grammar school for boys on each one and just realised you tailor the test to suit each school.

    Is it possible to do one on 9th and the other on 16th, at least he has then had exposure to both?

  8. James Reply

    We have a couple of queries that will help us plan this. If the day starts at 9am when, approximately, does it finish ? Can you confirm if you have availability on these dates :- 29/7 – 2/8 – 5/8 – 23/8 – 26/8

    • elevenplus Reply

      Yes these dates are available and we are about to update the booking form to include the new dates

  9. Cara Reply

    I would like to book more mock exams for Josh. What do you recommend we do ? He did the GL yesterday and I want him to do a CEM one too as he is taking the exam for sale grammar. How many more should he do ?

  10. James Reply

    My husband and I grew up in Surrey and so have not been through the secondary school system here and don’t really know much about it.
    I would like to arrange a meeting with a view to my daughter attending tutoring sessions if possible.
    It would be beneficial for me to find out more about the Grammar School entry exams and I feel a meeting would help us decide whether we should enter for the exams.

    • elevenplus Reply

      Yes we can help with the whole process in regards to passing the 11 plus exam test. We advise firstly doing as many mock exams as possible and secondly assigning a tutor who can increase the success of your child by thoroughly going over everything required in the weak areas

  11. Daniel Reply

    What we have in mind is for our son to take the mock exam early and to experience what is the exam (not sure what is in his mind) and have an idea what is going to happen at the exam (or likely) and we can work on the area or have an idea of what he may need to improve or study. I have to say i was very impressed with the way you handle the mum who inexperience like me, seeking a support for my child. He is smart and quick learner, from my point of view and i think he has potential or able sit in Altrincham grammar exam with the right support. Please let me know or advice your availability for us. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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